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Cardi B Throws Microphone at Person Who Spilled Drink on Her During Concert

The audience threw drinks at Cardi B and then Cardi B threw mic at that person

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Recently, Cardi B threw a microphone at one of her audience members. By the way, she did not do this without any reason; further, we will tell you the whole story. Stay with the post till the end.

Actually, on Saturday, July 30, Cardi B was doing a concert show. In this show, she was wearing a very sexy pink dress. She was singing in this show and at the same time she was dancing lightly on the stage. When she was dancing on the stage, one of the audience threw a drink at her. It went straight and fell on his body and also on his face. As soon as the spectator did this, Cardi B got enraged and threw her microphone at the spectator.

However, soon after this the security personnel caught the man and took him out of the crowd. Along with this, they also gave Cardi B her microphone back. Now there is no specific information about what drink was thrown at Cardi by that person and why, it seems that some crazy fan must have done it. Well, whatever it was, it was a very bad move.

By the way, this is not the only case where something like this has happened. Even before this many times such acts have been done by people in concert shows with artists. Along with this, people are divided into 2 groups on social media. Some people are supporting Cardi and some people are holding Cardi responsible for this work.

One user on Twitter supported Cardi B, saying:

“I hate to say it … but I’m kinda with Cardi on this one. Someone threw something at her so she gave it right back. Throwing things at performers has GOT to stop.”

On another Twitter user took a dig at Cardi B, saying:

“For her *entire* career Cardi B has been an advocate for the deprived denigration of women’s bodies.

Cardi B has made a fortune off encouraging men to treat women as objects.

Why would ANYONE be shocked when men who listen to her behave the way Cardi B asks them to?


Anyhow, ever since people have seen this video, it is going viral very fast on social media among people. What do you think about this, you can also tell people through your social media and also you can know the thoughts of people in this matter.

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