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Jiya Shankar Evicted From Bigg Boss OTT 2

Jiya Shankar Evicted From Bigg Boss Ott 2

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Jiya Shankar has been evicted from the Bigg Boss OTT house on 9 August evening. Actually, on the evening of August 9, a task was conducted by which Jia Shankar was evicted from the house. After this, Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 has got its 5 finalists.

Actually, in the task, a big calendar was kept in the courtyard. After this, all of the members of the house were made to stand in line in front of it. Now Bigg Boss asked them to see the calendar and Bigg Boss took Bebika’s help in this task.

Bebika started turning the pages of the calendars one by one. In this task, images of every moment of the house so far were put on that calendar. The calendar had various special moments like entry time, first day, images of people chatting, talking together and many more. All these moments were liked by the members of the house as well as the audience.

After some time only the last page of the calendar was left in which the paper was hidden. Bebika was asked to stand in her place again. Now Bigg Boss told that behind this paper there is a picture of a person who was about to be evicted. Bigg Boss asked one person to come forward and remove that page, Abhishek and Bebika came forward and Abhishek uncovered the page. Jiya’s picture was behind it. Everyone got sad after seeing the picture and Jiya also became very emotional.

In the end, she took leave of all the family members and went away, while taking leave, she got emotional and tears started coming out from her eyes.

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